This is Dota 2 Juggernaut Serrakura item mod provided by Neycom. Preview image is below the text.
Installation help and support is available at FAQ page. After trying these cosmetic items, do not forget to buy them.

Free Download

dota 2 mods download juggernaut

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  • Yi Jie

    no in game effect

    • Admin

      Effects works, you are doing something wrong.

  • roboto

    sir pliss fix this , the sword is invicible in game , winterblight to . but in efect nice

    • Shady .

      If maybe you copy ALL the files..
      You didn’t copied the folder shady that’s why you can’t see it

  • Dutchie™

    There are no effects. I installed it properly and tried several times. Please fix it or check if there is any tweaking needed.

    • Dutchie™

      Correction : The particles are not shown in the loadout screen but you can see the glow and particle ingame

  • Ariel Yosupov

    works good