Balance of the Bladekeeper

This is Dota 2 Juggernaut Balance of the Bladekeeper set mod provided by Neycom. Preview image is below the text.
Installation help and support is available at FAQ page. After trying these cosmetic items, do not forget to buy them.

Free Download

dota 2 mods download juggernaut

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  • piranha

    how to install it ?

    • Admin

      Instructions in file description. Also, check out our FAQ page.

  • Muhammad Faizuan

    there’s no file description in ur zip file . check it out

    • Admin

      Well, there is, I just checked. Anyway, upload all folders into:
      SteamSteamAppscommondota 2 betadota
      Enable VPK Overriding (check FAQ). Done.

      • Muhammad Faizuan


  • Gilgamesh

    admin the bladekeeper mod have no install.exe, pls check it out 😀

    • Admin

      Hello Gilgamesh. Most of the mods do have “install.exe”, but for this one, you need to follow the steps stated in my comment below.

      • -.-“

        I followed the steps but its still not working and i already have the other mods and its works fine. Only this mod is not working. Pls check it out 🙁

        • Admin

          You could try unistall all the mods (check FAQ), and do clean re-install.

  • HI

    admin plz add sword particle and the healing ward icon and model

  • aeer

    Add healing ward icon

  • Duc Nguyen

    why healing ward can’t move

  • Tung

    good work

  • Tejas

    There is no particle effect for blade and no ward icon. Pls fix admin.

  • Eric Gabunada Dela Torre

    is the ward is still immovable ?

  • Grant

    Admin pls, im using shadymod and i cant see the ward, it doesnt appear. tell me what im doing wrong or what folder i need to copy too pls

  • Dmitry Borovensky

    Hey, great work, but one problem.. when Jugg stands still there is the animation like he throws blade upwards and etc.. That animation repeats every 1 sec, he never stands still, there must be delay between animations:)

    • Admin


  • Max Tan Fu Seong

    particle effect pls