Dragonclaw Hook

This is Dota 2 Pudge Dragonclaw Hook item mod provided by fb.com/ShadyModDota2. Preview image is below the text.
Installation help and support is available at FAQ page. After trying these cosmetic items, do not forget to buy them.

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  • Rudy Betta

    excuse me, i have a question. this item comes with particle effects. i already have a .pcf file for pudge ‘s rot animation. the question is that is it possible to use both animations with just using those .pcf files and not actually using the actual item?

    • Admin

      Try installing the mod, then install your .pcf too and delete pudge models folder.

      • Rudy Betta

        thx 4 the fast reply admin :D. gonna try it out now

      • Char

        how to install the mod, then install the pcf?

  • talha

    How i can add my set in game?

  • talha

    Pls give a video to me

  • Eyeshield1214

    how can i install this mod ? :/

  • Henrik Haugan

    What do i do after i extracted the files?

    • Admin

      Please check our FAQ.

  • prince

    Will this mod add item to my account?

    • Kratos Uchiha


  • El BereBere

    i downloaded it , and extracted the files what to do nxt ? please

  • Encik Linux

    have hook animation on it?

  • Standin.Kepler

    I can don nothing…HELP ME!!

  • Jomar Tuayon

    admin can you post it how to install it step by step pls !

  • John Michael Lumombang

    How to use this mods in real match?