Fractal Horns of Inner Abysm

This is Dota 2 Terrorblade Fractal Horns of Inner Abysm Arcana mod provided by Elang Ramadhan. Preview image is below the text.
Installation help and support is available at FAQ page. After trying these cosmetic items, do not forget to buy them.

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  • kz291

    wow! u work so hard! keep going dude 😀
    btw, i cant download from this sever. its very low speed and sometime stop then error. how can i fix it or can u upload to different sever?

    • Admin

      We contacted the files server management and they are looking into the “no file” problem. It is also one of few sites which does not limit download speed.

      If it is not confidential, where are you from? I will ask about the traffic to your country.

      • kz291

        i’m from vietnam

  • Gus Maslow

    I can’t install :S , i copy all .. but when i open “Dota 2” i can’t see any change in terrorblade :S

  • Gus Maslow

    e_e the problem… xd

    • Admin

      Make sure you copied all the folders, preview the model before the match and see it in game.

      • Mcwell Ditablan

        Same here. same problem for diretide orange. i copied all the files. just one folder isnt it?

        • Admin

          You need to upload 3 folders into your game files: models, particles, resource.

  • Abdul Rahman

    Admin? i have the same problem missing body i previewed it before starting th e game
    Plz help

    • Admin

      Check other comments, it works if you do it right.

      • Abdul Rahman

        Yeah i removed all mods from my pc and installed again now its working ty

        • Mark Esquire

          How do you fix the portrait

  • Alokinono Aallool

    dude fix terorblade red

  • Alokinono Aallool

    admin when im in demon form with terorblade sems like i have one wing lighintg red the other one it isnt it just me having the problem?

  • Duyy Anh

    worked for me thanks u so much dotamods!!!!

  • Duyy Anh

    fix terrorblade’s demon form pls

  • I’m getting tb’s “heart” on his wings in meta form
    I think this pack needs to be fixed a bit…

    • Admin


  • Mark Esquire

    Problem hero portrait too close can someone help me please

  • Steven Y

    It shut down the program now…I think modelsheroesterrorbladehorns.*** cause it.

  • Steven Y

    if delete the 3 of horn.*** files, the game wont crush but the ranged type of TB is transparent…

  • Ghembyte

    The particle effects that are supposedly in his chest are missing in his loadout. Also, when you’re using his 3rd skill, the model is transparent and only shows the particles.

    • Ghembyte

      Don’t worry admin, for I am here to report all bugs. shhh, dont cry

      • Ghembyte

        Also, he randomly changes his walking animation to hasted and injured from time to time.

    • Admin

      Do not expect it to be completely like the real one, but it is as close as it can get.

      • Steven Y

        NO. It was almost perfect weeks ago at first, but had the problem after recent updates of the game. Maybe the 6.84, I am not sure.

  • Iltimas Ridho

    i copied the mod terrorblade then if i want play or see in loadout the dota recently force close
    why? if i cant use terrorblade anymore?
    help plsss

  • Raven

    I think it is not work anymore.

    • Steven Y

      It may need a re-extraction or something.

  • John Roland Macandog

    when i check terrorblade dota 2 force closes
    pls help

  • z1on

    admin can i use it in normal games or its work only in loby ?

  • Rodger Marion

    When I check the loadout for him, Dota 2 closes with no errors reported. What’s wrong?

  • Roger Smith

    does not work, please fix

  • Fatt


  • Steven Y

    It only has one color set in Reborn?

  • Cheyenne Evangelista

    There’s no attack animation in the model… When it attacks its just walk

  • Crayon ShinChan

    report, no attack animation, any solution for this please

  • bernard no sora

    attack animation still bug after the ALL ARCANA UPDATE notice.

    • Admin


  • Jalu “N1ght” Prakoso

    no body particle

  • vlada vladas

    work perfect