Frost Avalanche

This is Dota 2 Crystal Maiden Frost Avalanche Arcana mod provided by Preview image is below the text.
Installation help and support is available at FAQ page. After trying these cosmetic items, do not forget to buy them.

Free Download

dota 2 mods download crystal maiden

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  • Ariel

    Wow! That was fast! Ty so much! I’ll try it now.

  • Sandria A. S.

    dota 2 just updated client.dll today, when i replace the provided client.dll in FAQ, the game crashed at loading screen, any updates about this? thanks

    • Abdul Rahman

      Same problem for me it does not crash its says whenver i click find match u have been kicked from the lobby

  • pwenguin

    hmmm will u guys be installing a version with the dog sometime soon or even adding it?

  • Dutchie™

    Well done with the mod guys 🙂 Hoping to see the puppy soon pls ty 🙂

  • Dutchie™

    Guys great problem here 😐 After installing this mod I can’t find wyvern in Loadout or in hero pick.. Please check and fix pLX

  • but but…. where’s the puppy? 🙁

  • Abdul Rahman

    Admin can u tell us how to solve the problem the new update does not allows us to use mods with the .dll trick injector is shit it never works

    • Admin

      FAQ page is updated.

      • Abdul Rahman

        Thank you Really like the way U respond
        thank you very much

  • daniels

    can someone tell how to install mod ?

  • Nanis Alexandru

    any updates about the ult sound and the dog?

    • Admin

      Dog added.

  • Marco Nguy?n

    dog dont run

    • Bayu Khairul

      me too

  • Rizqi Khalid

    can i use my set item when using this mod?
    my cm bald when i mod cm head

  • Admin

    The files which are currently uploaded includes dog particles.
    The older one might been yours, it was a mistake on our end.

  • Ssssss

    Fix dog please,dog dont run

  • Lau Jun Liang

    How to install actually?

  • Chong Lit Sime

    he injector gives ERROR whenever i tried to run it. I have used it succesfully before, but now it just doesnt work anymore. anyone help?

  • jay

    where will i put the folder ?

  • jay

    where will i put the folder after i downloaded it .

    • Deepesh Nair

      admin plzz reply?

  • Inung Dian Nurcahyo

    this included the dog?

    • Admin

      No, probably in future versions.

  • Steven Y

    Perfect in Reborn. I dont think the dog is necessary

  • Steven Y

    It’s not perfect now…need fix.

  • Aiman Danial Ezanie

    I installed it, but the CM is bugged, please fix.

  • Aiman Danial Ezanie


  • Kevin Ng

    bugged,pls fix . such as shown as the picture in the comment below