Manifold Paradox

This is Dota 2 Phantom Assassin Manifold Paradox Arcana mod provided by Preview image is below the text.
Installation help and support is available at FAQ page. After trying these cosmetic items, do not forget to buy them.

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dota 2 mods download phantom assassin

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  • Gerome Herban

    i’ve been waiting this all time!! now its here

  • HI

    Admin-sama does is the spell icons, particle effects,loading pedestal, hero icons and portrait,spell effects, memorial and ambient effects come with the mods? im just making sure before i download this mod….. it would be nice if you would reply 🙂

    • Admin


  • Meepo

    some effects are not working for me like the ambient effects or everytime i attack red crosses come out of PA ass 😐

    • Hossein

      me too

  • Hamza Hussain

    Thank you so very much I have been waiting for this mod for a very long time.
    My portrait of PA is zoomed out too far away and is not in the center.Image attached
    Can you please tell me how to fix this

    Thanks again for the mod

    • Admin

      It might be due to your resolution or inventory being in left side, I am not sure.

  • Thanh Dat Nguyen

    thank you so very much, i have been waitting for a long time,

  • Rune

    Doesn’t work anymore, most of the model is invisible

  • Rudy Betta

    lol i just realized that the pa arcana is just a naked pa with bodypaint xD

  • Teguh Hadi

    Admin ,,, How to uninstall it?

  • ??? ?’????

    plz tell me someone how i set this set i cant understand

  • Her old blade is kinda visible. I think this is some kind of bug…

    • Pein1911

      me too ! 🙁 after a couple time in game this glowing came !

  • John

    Sir Please answer my question ..How to DL this one please its better if you reply to my msg .. 😀

  • Hamza Hussain

    Set -override_vpk in the launch options of dota 2 in the steam client.copy and paste these folders in steam/steamapps/common/dota 2 beta/dota/

  • toli

    admin my game lags when i play pa even if it is on lowest pls help

  • Charlie

    How to Invisible the Old Blade when i get Ulti?

  • divedome

    it’s not work. how to install it 🙁

    • kk you have winRAR

  • roberto

    override vpk not working, how we do?

  • Stychu

    this one is little bugged… i can see flames from pa weapon blinking all over my screen when Pa is in Fog of war and also this old blade is visible

  • Millard

    How To Install It Plsss???

  • Dude Perfect

    When i install it only the Icons show, how to fix this.. please reply

  • RK Scenic

    how to install so where is install kkkk

  • Muhammad Ishkandar

    icon not showing? how to fix it?

  • sdsd

    vpk override is not working in matchmaking plssss fix

  • Guest

    its working…

  • tito

    its work… 🙂

    • Admin


  • Miguel Dipol

    How to Install guys? already extracted it.

    Pls reply!!!

    • Admin

      Check FAQ.

  • Duriel

    Can’t see the body, before join the game looks amazing (in loadout) but in game just see the helm and a kind of lines blue jumping in the air xD it’s funny but sad 😛

  • anas2145

    he is not work why? plz help

  • Admin

    Thanks, it might help.

  • Usuario

    Sorry , I forgot to mention the following: To operate the mods should put the ” -override_vpk ” command in the startup options Dota 2.

    If you do not know how to explain it to you.

    Should press the right mouse button on the icon gives 2, then press the left button on Properties, and click Set launch options. Inside the window write or paste command (if you have other commands leaves room for it to work).

    Again, sorry for the bad English and thanks for reading.

  • Erjun Prado Quilisadio

    Does this have no mistakes now?

    • mid or meow


      • mid or meow


  • Justine Obana Ramos

    working in reborn now?

    • Admin

      Not yet. If you are unsure if the mod is updated for reborn, check it’s date. If it is 2015-09-15 or after this date, mod will work.

  • bassam

    when i setup it today it doesn’t have blades pa have the full set without blades is it a bug from me or its common please check it admin thanks for your effort

    • Jesus Angelo Mondragón

      i feel the same and looks like 3 phantoms

      • bassam

        yeah but others working good if i got solution i will replay here but untill now no solution 🙁

        • Jesus Angelo Mondragón

          i found 1 solution only get the default set and you can will see the swords

          • bassam

            i tried and still no way

    • bassam

      aha its working now but the animation is n’t normal i mean when u move it have bug the blade stops alot not moving etc there is something wrong with this mode i hope the fix it

  • Steven Y

    She is just like a statue…not a live hero.

    • bassam

      yeah exactly there is no animation in that hero 🙁

  • Loli Pantsu

    Working, but after some time, the model animation “duplicates”, when PA attacks, i can see a lot of models doing different attack animations.

  • Kenny Low

    I installed this mod exactly like intended to, no other PA skins or any other hero in fact, just this PA arcana BUT the character has purple legs (texture glitch), the particle effects are missing, when skilled Blur and with it active, PA seems to morph into 3 disgustingly horrifying upper torso, all the crit effect is horribly bugged out aaaand.. in the Hero Selection screen, her blades are just.. stuck.. in the ground..?

    If this ^ problem sounds familiar, please inform me on how to install the mods the RIGHT way, or if there is any fix I can do to it
    I tried restarting the game, steam, my pc, reinstalling, redownloading and reinstalling but to no avail..
    But in my other trials, she seems to get worse, like her whole model just glides on the ground, not animated at all. Same goes to some other mods I tried like Sniper’s Immortal gun :c
    I hope this helps whoever is reading, good luck and have fun! 😀

  • Never

    how do I remove this mod? its bugged for me? halp

    • Rahman Man

      Verify Integrity of Game Cache.

  • Arshia Farzamfar

    This mod is flawed. There’s no animation, both in “Hero” viewing, and in game.

  • Hardik Tank

    Fix it please bugged model

  • Steven Y

    Still not correct

  • ShiinZz

    Plzzzz , she’s so perfect , do something !!!

    • Jeremy Fregian

      Buy it u poor people!well it seems u cant afford to buy ur own arcana hahahah poor

  • denny lim

    Fix this please 🙂

  • Parrot Parrot

    Just like a statue , nothing more .

  • segundo

    por favor arreglen el arcano de la phantom ustedes son la mejor pagina que existe por momento

  • segundo

    ahora esta bien el mod pero tiene dos falla el efecto de la espadas y solo tiene un forma de atacar pero muchísima gracias son lo mejor sigan progresando

  • Ariel Yosupov

    in shadymod, the manifold paradox arcana is working. update plz.

  • Robert Sud

    This arcana make me laugh…i see swords without fire and ugly…can u fix?

  • vlada vladas
    • Raymart Flores

      in game, does PA raise her sword when she’s nearing enemy?

      • Tuugii Tuugii Tuugii

        what download

  • Freeman3214

    Make zeus arcana pls

  • Jastine Gotdicing

    guyz how to make mod

  • Jastine Gotdicing


  • Soyan Ferrer

    totorial plss