Immortal Gardens Terrain

This is Dota 2 Immortal Gardens Terrain mod provided by Crystal Rylai. Preview image is below the text.
Installation help and support is available at FAQ page. After trying these cosmetic items, do not forget to buy them.

Free Download

dota 2 mods download terrain

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  • kasra

    i luv u admin

  • Kawazoe Haruo

    admin, why my mod did not work in online?
    but i try bot fight it work,
    please help!!

    • kasra

      work perfectly for me online
      how u installed it?

      • Kawazoe Haruo

        i replace the original dota.vpk with this one
        as the video tutorial do.
        but nothing change when i play online

        • kasra

          try verfying files in steam and try again

  • Jimmy Tuan Nguyen

    It works in online mode, but I feel some lag with this terrain, especially when use blink dagger or blink skills

    • Kawazoe Haruo

      how do u install it dude?
      can u tell me please
      my work did not work in online

      • Jimmy Tuan Nguyen

        I just move original “dota.vpk” to another place, then paste downloaded dota.vpk to “maps” folder, nothing more

        • Kawazoe Haruo

          ok, thanks for reply.

          • le Connard

            doesn’t work on me

  • Rayne68

    This is beautiful and I’ve been using it since last night, no problems so far but would this get me banned?

    • ted

      No ur fine

  • Segret

    Admin will you upload river effects?
    I am waiting for that. Thanks.

  • John Arvee Dela Torre

    how to fix corrupted files? when i start dota2 a message will pop up saying there is a corrupted file

  • Dolah Kacak

    works perfectly

  • Nidz Khai

    how if it doesnt work? any solution?

  • shaheer

    not working in lastest update please update it

  • Parrot Parrot

    Nah , i try new methor but it seem work with skin , music .. but not work with terrain .

  • john_titor

    works fine here

  • Frans Andri

    Guess what,this terrain working after i installed LC arcana using VPK installer

    • Aljun Deog Butalid

      how do u install arcana heroes?

  • Baymax

    Can you please update the desert map for patch 7.00? Thank you!

  • Surjeet Tripathy

    plz update the maps for new patch 7.

  • Milos

    for 7.02 ?

    • Kochi

      do you know where to DL the version for 7.02?

  • And

    Hi, can you update for 7.06?

  • Lemar Christian M. Zamora

    where do i put this mod file? help pls