Heroes Within Music Pack

This is Dota 2 Heroes Within Music Pack mod provided by fb.com/ShadyModDota2. Preview video is below the text.
Installation help and support is available at FAQ page. After trying these cosmetic items, do not forget to buy them.

Free Download

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  • Iceh

    Hello admin, when I use any music mod from here, the music when selecting a hero is high-pitched and fast and stops at 0:43. But it restarts at another time, please help me, thanks

    • Admin

      Try using enable addons method.

      • Yudha Arief

        how to use this music mod ?

  • Rohan283

    My english is bad. I change the “frequency” of the tracks from “ui_hero_select” of 22 kHz to 44 kHz and fix the problem of reproduction fast and pitched :v.

  • Ronaldi Yusdi

    how to use it