Desert Terrain

This is Dota 2 Desert Terrain mod provided by Rolan Fabrizio Jauregui. Preview image is below the text.
Installation help and support is available at FAQ page. After trying these cosmetic items, do not forget to buy them.

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  • yetpetz

    how do i put folder?

  • Iceh

    admin, the files inside are misplaced, “game > dota > maps” should only be maps > dota.vpk.

  • segundo

    amigo como pongo hay dos diferente carpetas unos es game -dota-mapa
    otro es materiales como lo hago

  • Rahman Man

    The right place

  • Manu Srivastava

    Trees on Dire side are not correctly mapped.

  • Vi?t Gian X?o

    New update from April change location of hill, tree, etc… its make this file outdate. Admin, can u create new file for new update? please OvO

    • Admin


  • Harun P

    where do i put the dota.vmat_c and is that file even needed?

  • Okamiwolf144

    Where on earth do i palce the dota.vmat_c ??

    • MinistryOfDeath

      dota 2 betacontent(comes with dota 2 workshop tools)dotamaterialsoverviews

  • Kapito

    is of very thank!)))

  • Baymax

    Can you please update the desert map for patch 7.0? Thank you.

  • Rafael Bakoyiannis

    +1 for updating to 7.00

  • Indrawan Prasetya

    update desert map for patch 7.00 please

  • Van Yancy Nacua

    update 7.02 please