Important Notice

dota 2 reborn mods download

Dear visitors,

we want to inform you that all the mods beyond this post is for Source 1 Dota 2. It means that after September 2015 they do not work! Mods working in Dota 2 Reborn are above this post.

We are working hard to gather updated versions of the older mods, but it will take time.

We do listen to your feedback. We are also using this opportunity to update and change the website, to make it better, faster, stronger. GL & HF.

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  • Steven Y

    Thank you all!

  • Fauzan Anzhori

    Is the mod work if i play online?

  • segundo

    Please fix the arcane phanto I have money to buy it all arcane have no fault is fine but the arcane of phanto wrong I would appreciate it if you manage